Re-edit Notes

All delivered re-edits will be named with a _take_2 on the end and numbered with the original number. For example original file name would be Vertical Dance-1 and the re-edit will be named Vertical_Dance_take_2-1

Vertical Dance-1 - The left arm was re-edited, and photographer noticed improper color variation around the heel of right boot. Color variation was fixed.

Vertical Dance-5 – The nose was liquified to give a smooth appearance

Vertical Dance-6 – The hair extending from subject was liquified and reduced to be more form fitting

Vertical Dance-52 – The nose was smoothed and the bottom dress piece was lifted

Vertical Dance -53- The left knee was burned to create a shadow instead of a highlight

Vertical Dance-144 – The Trash can was removed as well as some personal items around light stand

All other re-edits were minor changes such as reflections of plug-ins removed or background persons blurred per client’s request.

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