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Now Booking 2020 and 2021 Weddings! Contact us today to book your wedding consult!

Since no two couples are the same, we would love to sit down with you over coffee or in your home, to do a Wedding Consult with you where we can discuss the details of your wedding. This will help us determine how much coverage you will need, and we can give you an accurate quote. You will also be able to look at our sample Wedding Albums. We offer a payment plan for any weddings that are at least 90 days or more away from the date of your wedding consult. All of our wedding services offer a photographer's assistant that doubles as a second photographer.

We offer our wedding services either by the hour, build your own coverage with our a la carte menu, or we have 4 collections you can choose from.

Be sure to mention if you are military (active, reserve, retired, or veteran) or other civil service member, because you will receive a discount!

If you would like to schedule a Wedding Consult with us, just click the Wedding Consult button below and give us your email, your name, your wedding date, a date, time, and location that you would like to meet up, and any other information we may need to schedule with you!

Wedding and Engagement Portfolio

  • Sarah and Jonathan_A02
  • Sarah and Jonathan_A24
  • Sarah and Jonathan_A22
  • Sarah and Jonathan_B153
  • Sarah and Jonathan_B40
  • Sarah and Jonathan_B70
  • Sarah and Jonathan_B80
  • Sarah and Jonathan_B93
  • Sarah and Jonathan_C139
  • Sarah and Jonathan_C29
  • Sarah and Jonathan_C46
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D01
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D21
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D38
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D45
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D50
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D54
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D57
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D61
  • Sarah and Jonathan_D71
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E128
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E157
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E197
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E198
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E63
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E64
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E67
  • Sarah and Jonathan_E72

Wedding Continued....

  • Kara and Bryan_B116
  • Kara and Bryan_B135
  • Kara and Bryan_B139
  • Kara and Bryan_B144
  • Kara and Bryan_B162
  • Kara and Bryan_B165
  • Kara and Bryan_B172
  • Kara and Bryan_B175
  • Kara and Bryan_C266
  • Kara and Bryan_C282
  • Kara and Bryan_D336
  • Kara and Bryan_D339
  • Kara and Bryan_D369
  • Kara and Bryan_D374
  • Kara and Bryan_D378
  • Kara and Bryan_D383
  • Kara and Bryan_D389
  • Kara and Bryan_D385
  • Kara and Bryan_D400
  • Kara and Bryan_D401
  • Kara and Bryan_D410
  • Kara and Bryan_D412
  • Kara and Bryan_E433
  • Kara and Bryan_E438
  • Kara and Bryan_A22
  • Kara and Bryan_A29
  • Kara and Bryan_E528
  • Kara and Bryan_A32
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