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If you are looking for portraits, whether it be outdoors or in your home, maybe even a specific venue, we have you covered!  We are flexible and know that not everybody is looking for the same in every photo session. We like to get to know our clients before each session and plan a unique experience tailored just for you. Our photography style is very natural. We like to capture those candid moments that show all the emotion, love, and joy in your life.  We have some props we can bring, but we encourage you to bring your own also so that we can include things you enjoy and will show your personality in the photos.  Props to think about including are pets, books, musical instruments, sports car, or anything that is of interest to you or your hobby.  Showing who you are in these photos will continue to tell your story for many years to come. 


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Have an event coming up and you need a photographer? We have you covered! No matter the event, big or small, we can cover it! Look over our events page and browse our different types of events we cover. Don't see the event you are looking for? No problem! Contact us and we would be happy to go over your event in more detail. 


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Here at Waters Photography, we know as a business person, your time is valuable.  Time is money, and with our help we can relieve you of some of your stress by offering you our photographic services.  Whatever the need, we can help.  We know how to represent your company.  Your name is on the line, and ours is too. We believe in our work, and we want you to believe in us.  Our work speaks for itself.  We have packages that start as a baseline for commercial services, but we can tailor them to meet your needs, as no two businesses are the same.  Click this Commercial link to view the services we provide. If you do not see a service listed, no problem! Contact us and we will give you a custom quote to meet your needs!

What to Expect When Booking With us

----->>We go on location to do the photo sessions. That might be in your home, outdoors, in your office, or another location of your choosing. We can also recommend locations if you would like.

----->>We are all about having fun. We go into all photo sessions with the mindset of having a good time and giving all involved a great experience. 

----->>We offer many different products for purchase. Some will be available to you for purchase through a gallery on our website, or some will be available to you through direct purchase through us. Our albums are a good example of this.

----->>We require a retainer fee at the time of booking. This retainer fee varies by the type of photo session you choose, but we are upfront about the costs and will require the payment to be made before we reserve your specific date. The retainer fee is non-refundable but will be applied to  the cost of your session that you choose. 

----->>We are flexible and know that things happen, especially with having kids, working, or running your own business. When things come up we ask that you call, email, or text us immediately. Preferably as far in advance as possible.  If you reschedule then there is no fee to you to change your date. However, if you cancel or do not show up to your session without rescheduling, you are forfeiting your retainer fee since it is non-refundable.  

----->>After you book your session with us, we will email a photo consultation questionnaire to you, along with any other forms we need specifically from the session you choose. These forms are important and we ask you to fill them out as soon as possible and return them to us prior to your appointment day. Please fill out the questionnaire as much as possible because it helps us to plan your unique session just for you.

----->>We ask you to please be on time. If for some reason you are running a few minutes late, we ask you to please call or text to let us know you are running late. If we have no other photo sessions booked close to your appointment time then we can wait for longer periods of time for you, but if we do have a photo session scheduled close to your appointment time, then we can only allow 15 minutes of being late before we have to reschedule.

----->>For the photo shoot itself, we ask you to choose colors that compliment each of the people that will be in the photo shoot with you. Wear what makes you feel good. Try not to wear things that have distracting prints or words on them, unless they go along with the session theme.

----->>Our list of services is not a complete list of services we offer. If there is a service you are needing that is not listed, please contact us by clicking the "contact us" link above. We are flexible and can give you a custom quote based on your needs.

----->>If you are another photographer and need a second photographer, please contact us and we can offer our help wherever you need

----->>After your session, we ask that you give us a minimum of 14 days to go through all of your images, do any editing that needs to be done, and we will contact you in the mean time to schedule your gallery reveal and ordering session. We will either come to your home or meet you at a coffee shop. We encourage in your home, as it allows us to use our software if you would like, where we can take pictures of your walls, upload them to our software, and let you see what your chosen images look like on your walls before you purchase them. It's very popular with our clients.

----->>During your gallery reveal and ordering session, you will also get a chance to see samples of some of the items we offer.  Those sample items will include photographic mounted prints in various sizes, different paper surfaces and textures. We also have samples of our ThinWrap and Gallery wrapped canvases. For the person looking for something a little more unique, we also have samples of our metal, acrylic metal, and maple wood prints. We have two of the three albums we offer, in a sample. They are complete albums were you can see layout, paper types, materials, and they come with the option of adding an album box too. Our albums are Italian handmade, using museum quality materials.  We offer some of the most unique album options, that include real leather, cork, wood, cowhide, leatherette, and a very soft unique material called Touch. We love to do a pre-session sample viewing, so just contact us and we will schedule a time to meet up.

----->>After you order, you can expect a 14 day to up to 4 weeks turnaround time with your products. Usually prints and print products are delivered in 14 days, but since the albums are handmade they can take anywhere from 14 days to 4 weeks. Depending on how unique you want your album. Payment must be paid in full before we order any of your prints or products.

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