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We offer more than just photographing your session. We complete your session, by offering you the following products to display your beautiful images on.

NOW OFFERING PAINTED PORTRAITS!!! When you book a session with us, you now have the option of ordering your images as a painted portrait on Canvas. Contact us to find out more!

Photographic Prints

We offer many different sizes and print surfaces for you to choose from. Here are our typical sizes and options, not all sizes are listed, but these are more popular sizes:

➵Sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 12x18, 16x20, 18x24, 20x30, and 24x36

➵Print Surfaces: Lustre, Glossy, Metallic, Deep Matte, and Pearl

➵Protective Coatings: Lustre or Glossy Coating and Satin or Glossy Plastic Laminate

➵Textures: Canvas, Pebble, and Linen

**Click here to learn more about our photographic prints and to view samples

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Metal Print Selections

➵Single Metal Prints

➵Double Float Metal Prints

➵Creative Edge Metal Prints

➵Acrylic Metal Prints

**Click here to view more information on metal prints, and to view samples of each.

Canvas Print Selections

➵Gallery Wrapped Canvas

➵Thinwrap Canvas

➵Canvas Board

➵Cluster & Split Canvas Layouts

**Click here to learn more about each of the canvas types

Framing Options

We offer framing for our canvas, metal, and standard photographic prints. There are many different styles of frames to choose from including the new Barnwood Frames.  Click on each product below to view more information of each and to see samples of the frames to choose which suits your style.

 Framed & Matted Photographic Prints

Framed Metal Prints

Framed Canvas Gallery Wraps

Wood Print Selections

All wood prints are made on Maple Wood. Each wood print is different, so no two prints will look the same.

➵Natural Finish

➵White Finish

**Click here for more information on wood print selections


Baby Book Album:

Don't let the name fool you. This album can be used for any of our sessions. This album is the popular lay flat design, with thick pages, and continuous binding.

Sizes: Vertical 8x12     Square  8x8 or 9.5x9.5     Horizontal 12x8

Paper type: Photographic paper on lustre matte with the option of adding lamination.  Metal paper is also available and you can choose between glossy or matte lamination with it.  But our absolute favorite with this album is the Tintoretto paper. We have samples of this paper and you have to see it in person just to appreciate its beauty.

Pages: Minimum of 20, maximum of 40 pages (sides)

Lining: White Board

You can choose to either have a color with the Touch paper or a photograph on the front. We have 29 different colors to choose from.

Don't forget the album box. It is included in the price with this album! You can mix and match the color of your box to your album. The sky is the limit with 29 colors!

The internal panel of the box allows you the option of also using a design or a photo to make your box even more unique.  Contact us today to find out what your custom album will cost! We even offer a payment plan to help you stretch your budget a little further!

GoBook Album:

Sizes: vertical (8x12 or 9.5x13), horizontal (12x8 or 13x9.5), and square (8x8, 9.5x9.5, or 12x12)

Binding: Lay flat, continuous binding

Covers: Front panel in matte laminated photographic paper, Spine and back available in 40 colors. Optional: Leatherette front cover, and spine and back cover can be different color than front cover

Pages: Thin or thick, minimum 20 maximum 60

*You can add printing and raised varnishing to these albums

Album Box: This album comes with the option to add an album box. The box is made in the leatherette covering and in your choice of 40 different colors. The lid is plexiglass with 4 magnetic closures in each of the four corners of the plexiglass to secure your album. The lid can either be transparent or semi-transparent. The album box also has a sateen ribbon sewn in to help lift the album out of the box. The ribbon comes in 28 colors.

Young Book Album

Sizes: Vertical sizes (8x12, 9.5x13, 12x16, 14x18), horizontal sizes (12x8, 13x9.5, 16x12, or 18x14), and square sizes (8x8, 9.5x9.5, 12x12, or 14x14)

Pages: Minimum 30 pages, thick or rigid

Cover: Maple, Touch, Leatherette, Class Leatherette, Cloud Leatherette and Linen, Neon, Custom color on matte laminated paper. Crystal Glance cover is available for this book.

*Many options to choose from such as ennoblement with overprinting and varnish, coloring of the edge of the page, color overprinting with font and color of your choice and enriching it with varnish, thick or rigid pages. You can add leather to the cover and box, lux linings, and much more.

Album box: comes in either Maple, Touch, Leatherette, Class Leatherette, Cloud Leatherette and Linen, Neon, Custom color on matte laminated paper

Portrait Folio Box

We are now offering the famous Sue Bryce Portrait Folio Box. Our folio box collection comes with an 8x10 portrait box and set of mats with 5x7 fine art paper for your images. Your box can be customized to either 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 mats, and your choice of over 30 colors for your box.  What makes this product so unique, is that just like our GoBook, you can display your Portrait Box as if it's a piece of art since it has a clear cover to be able to see your image. You can change your image out every month to display a new picture. Contact us today to see a sample! 

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