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Welcome to our Portfolio Page, where you will find our latest sessions that we have done. As you can see we do traditional portraits, mixed with lifestyle and candid portraits. What does that mean? Let me explain.

Traditional poses are where everybody is structured, posed in a specific way, looking at the camera. It will focus on the face and expressions, but sometimes the entire body language as well.

Lifestyle portraits focus on the subject and catching them doing what they would do in everyday life. It tells their story. In this case we would discuss with you where you are most comfortable or feel like you are in your element. If you are more comfortable near the beach or water, then we want to capture those moments. If you like a wooded scene or park area, then we would plan your session around that type of setting.

We also do candid, which can typically mix in well with lifestyle. Candid means the photographer will take your picture when you are not expecting it. This sounds silly, but usually candid photos will capture a genuine smile or laughter.  The result is a beautiful candid image that will show your natural expression.

So, what style do you prefer? Book a session with us and we will capture whatever style you prefer. Personally, we like them all. It is hard to pick, but if we had to choose just one, we would say lifestyle is our favorite because it tells a story through an image, which means many years from now when you are looking back through your photo album, you will remember many details of who you were just by looking at your picture.

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