Kyle, Jennifer, & Mason

Thank you so much for allowing us to take your family portraits. We have really enjoyed taking and editing these pictures. As a matter of fact, your set of pictures are some of our favorites so far. We hope you enjoy them as well.

Photographer's Comments:

Things to know: Most pictures are cropped to an 8x10 ratio of a standard photographic print. Some of the family portraits are cropped to a 16x10. We have labeled in the comments of each picture if it is not an 8x10, what the actual aspect ratio is of that picture. This means that if you print your own images to an 8x10 standard print, an 8x10 will not crop anything out of the pictures, but other ratios will. If there is an image you absolutely want a certain size of, and you are afraid it will crop too much, let us know and we can change the aspect ratio of that image to the size that you want and send it to you. If you order your prints through us, we will make sure the aspect ratio and cropping is correct when you place your order.

The first pictures you will see in your gallery are our favorites, with our enhancements and edits. The next set of pictures are the regular standard color. All of the black and white, sepia, neutral, with warm color facets and color scheme, are toward the end.

You may use the comment section to label which ones you like or dislike, and if you are ordering prints through our gallery, you can also label which size and type of print you want on each picture. This helps to make things easier for you when it comes to ordering.

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What you get by Ordering your prints through us:

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Don't let your pictures sit on your computer and collect virtual dust! Order your prints through us directly by phone, email, or buy them on your own through your gallery. We hand picked our professional photo labs. We have seen their work, made sure their paper is of good quality that will last a long time, and that color correction matches what is on our screen. The best part is that our pricing for the prints is only for your free photo session that you received, and it is greatly discounted and is not offered to any other normal paying clients.

I am listing a basic price list of what you can expect in your gallery, if you decide to purchase through us. Again, these prices are only for this session since we are giving discounts to our "free photo session" clients. This is a thank you to you for helping us build our business.

Free Photo Session Price List Only


Standard Prints:

4x6 Lustre $2.00

5x7 Lustre $7.00

8x10 Lustre $10.00

11x14 Lustre $18.00

(8) Wallets Lustre $11.00

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Giclee Canvas:

5x7 Wrapped $66.00 -- Board $41.00

8x10 Wrapped $70.00 -- Board $42.00

11x14 Wrapped $86.00 -- Board $52.00

Square Sizes of Giclee Canvas:

10x10 Wrapped $77.00 -- Board $50.00

12x12 Wrapped $86.00 -- Board $51.00

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Square sizes of standard prints:

10x10 Lustre $13.00

12x12 Lustre $17.00

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4x8 Flat Matte $34.00 (Box of 20 with envelopes)

5x7 Folded $50.00 (Box of 25 with envelopes)

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Single Photo Personal License $5.00 per image

Full Gallery (Personal Use License) Download of all photos $60.00

Portrait Album

We offer one of the most popular albums by GraphiStudio. It is able to be customized to what you want. The album can be ordered directly through us, not your gallery, so that we can customize it to what colors and options that you want. You can email or call us to place that order.

GoBook Album

The GraphiStudio GoBook is our new album we are offering. The album has the lay-flat continuous binding design and comes with two options for your cover: Matte photographic photo paper or leatherette.

The box that comes with the album is another feature that makes it so popular. With the box, you can either leave the album laying on your table or stand it on a shelf. Either way, since the cover of the box is transparent, you can still see your beautiful album.

Your pictures are too precious to leave them sitting on your computer. Order your GoBook by calling or emailing us and letting us know you are interested in purchasing the album. We can custom quote you a book based on what features you want on the album. The prices start at $239 (+ tax and shipping).

How to view your online portrait gallery:

We have created a personalized online viewing gallery just for you. It requires a password so that only you, and anybody else you share the gallery link with, will be able to privately enter it. You can find your password in the email we sent.

➵Before you enter your gallery, please read below to find out how to order, and any other information you might need.

To enter your gallery, please click here: Brewster Family Online Gallery

Ordering from your online viewing gallery:

➵These instructions are for desktop view only. If you need additional instructions ordering from a tablet or smartphone, please let me know and I'll gladly help.

Once you click on your gallery link above, you will be taken to another page. Once there, you will be asked to enter your password. After you enter the password, you will see all of your pictures in a gallery style. At the bottom of each set of pictures there will be different pages to scroll through.

We have enabled commenting on each picture to help you be able to keep up with the ones you like or don't like. That way when you go to buy, you can quickly see which ones you wanted to buy and in which size and style you wanted to buy it in.

After you are ready to purchase, you will see a "Buy Photos" tab to the right of the large picture. Click this button and you can begin your buying. You can choose to buy from each photo, the size and type you want, such as canvas, metal, wood, etc., or you can choose to buy the whole gallery as a download. You can even create cards from this tab. Play around with it and you'll quickly see there is a lot to customize if you so choose.We offer albums as well, but we design them ourselves so if you are interested in an album just let me know!

Once you have decided what to buy, you can then go to checkout and purchase your images. If at any point you need assistance, please contact us by calling or texting at 501-278-7756 or through email at Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your photos!

We ask all our customers to please visit our Facebook page to leave a review for the service we provided. This helps us to know where we need to improve, and it helps other customers know what to experience when they book a session with us. You can easily visit our Facebook page by clicking the Facebook icon below. Thank you again for allowing us to capture these great pictures!

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