Portrait Services

We offer the following portrait services to our clients. This is not a complete list, so if you do not see a session you are interested in, please message us through the links on this page.

Prices start at $75 for a one hour session

(price does NOT include digital images or taxes, but does cover our time creating, planning, and photographing your session)

Professional Headshots

If you need headshots to go on your business cards, add to your portfolio, or for your company website, whatever the reason, we can provide you with a custom mini or full session that will capture exactly the vision you are looking for.  If you are a business and you need headshots of each employee, we can do a group package to offer a better discount to you.

Mommy & Me Session

 We can remember words, we can sometimes remember faces, but as time passes things begin to fade, and that is where a picture can help relive those moments.  No matter how old or young a person is, you are still your mom's baby.  We love our moms, and love to capture every moment with them at every chance we get.  We will always have those moments with them even after they are long gone. We can show many generations after them, just how great of a mom she is and was.  

Family Portrait Session

We love capturing family moments! Here at Waters Photography we know all too well how precious family time is.  We were a military family for 9 years, and the sacrifices of missing the moments were numerous.  We believe wholeheartedly that it is important to capture every moment through the lens of a camera.  Many years from now you will be able to look back and relive those moments that maybe you had forgotten about.  Let us help you relive those moments with quality images that will last a lifetime.  

Senior Portrait Session

You have gone through 12 years of school and now you want to capture your last year of high school with some quality images? You have come to the right place!  Here at Waters Photography we believe in not only capturing the moment, capturing the accomplishment as well.  You should be proud of yourself for such an incredible achievement, so let us represent your accomplishment with high quality edited images for you to keep for many years to come.  The goal is to not only capture great images, but also to capture your interests or hobbies to showcase you! This is your moment! So bring along any props or special items that will help show your own personal tastes and styles. 

Couples Portrait Session

What better way to say I love you, than with a photo session with your sweetheart! We have been married for over 10 years so we know the importance of capturing not just the family photos, but the two of us as a couple as well.  We like to keep these sessions just between the two of you, so we ask no children to be present. This will allow us to focus on you and help give you a more intimate atmosphere.  We encourage you to bring along any props that will showcase your shared interests, or will help capture your love for one another.


We make our newborn sessions convenient for you. We bring our newborn studio right to you! We use our professional newborn posing pillows and bean bag for your little bundle of joy! We have many colored backdrops, baskets, wraps, furs, headbands for girls, and many more for you to choose from. Let us capture those first few moments with your baby and you! We suggest booking your session at least one to two months in advance to make sure we are available. We require the baby to be either just born and fresh out of the hospital, or up to one week old. Babies are easier to pose in the cute little positions when they are just days old! Our newborn sessions are at least two hours long, but we can add more time if need be. We are flexible since, after all, babies are unpredictable. Get in touch with us and let us start creating your newborn session today!


We have two beautiful boys together.  When I was pregnant I knew nothing about maternity photos, or even if they offered them at that time.  The one thing I regret about the pregnancy, was not capturing each trimester.  I often tell the kids about the pregnancy and those long 9 months, but I wish I had the pictures to help capture the visual image to back up the story. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of capturing these 9 months! Not only to go back in a few years to relive that moment, but also it is to capture "the you before them" moments as well. 


Baby's First Year

Baby's grow fast the first year. Before you know it they will be a toddler and growing out of their baby stage.  Here at Waters Photography we believe in capturing the moment of the baby at all stages of the first year. Our Baby's First Year package will capture the moments at each stage, from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months, or we can do a shorter month span with 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months.  We are flexible and can offer any combination of months of your choosing.  We suggest either the every 3 month or every 4 month combination, because it is during these months that the baby changes the most, but we can custom any package to suit your needs! 

School Photo Sessions (Fall and/or Spring)

Waters Photography offers school pictures for either fall or spring, or both, whichever you choose.  Sometimes you do not like the school's photo of you, or maybe your child was absent on photo day.  Maybe your child is home-schooled and doesn't have an actual picture day.  Let us capture your child's school year photo for you.  We can setup in your home, or go on location of the place of your choosing.  We can also cater to home-school co-op groups and offer discounts when you book multiple shoots at once.  

Sports Photo Sessions

Whether it be an individual player, or the entire sports team, we can do both! If you are looking to book a photographer for the entire season we can do that too!  We can capture your player's entire season! We will start by taking the player's individual photo with many different poses using their sporting equipment.  Then, if you want to add on the entire season, we can go to every home game and capture highlights of each of the games.  We can even create a sports yearbook to display them in for you.  The possibilities are endless! We are flexible, so tell us what you want or need and let us make it happen!

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